Built with Superior Quality Materials
Every house is built using raw building materials but with traditional build homes, they might not have the same quality of materials. High-quality materials are the foundation for a strong home. Since home manufacturers buy in bulk, if any sub-par materials do get shipped, they can be returned before they threaten the structural integrity of your home.

Constructed in a Controlled Environment
Building indoors offers more advantages to manufacturers than traditionally built homes. That’s because no matter what the weather is like outside, construction on your home can continue, which is extremely important in states like Florida. Bad weather can also cause damage to any building materials that are left outdoors. The factory environment is also preferred to building sites because materials can be kept locked up overnight.

Quality Inspections
Since modular homes are constructed in a factory, they are subject to thorough inspections at every step in the process. These inspections are in addition to the third-party inspections done on every residential building, not only as a replacement. Manufactured homes are subject to the same strict regulations that site-built homes adhere to.

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