No matter how excited you are to move into a new home, turning a brand new space into a home can be a challenge, especially when you’re new home is full of boxes and you can’t get to your bed. Here’s how you can start to feel settled in and happy — even while you’re living amidst boxes.

Where to begin? Start with your bedroom closet.
Most think to start with common spaces first but tackle the closet immediately to add ease to your daily routines. Unpacking starts to feel tiresome after a few boxes and Mondays are hard enough without having to dig through it all to find that one perfect shirt.

After, bring out all your favorite items.
A sure way to add instant coziness to any new space is to light candles and play the music that you love. Before you pack, create a small box of all of your favorite items so you can bring them all out from the start. Unboxing photos, candles, and music will add some familiarity to your home.

Use your kitchen for a meal within the first week.
Unpacking all of the dishes and cups to prep for a family meal is a great way to break in the kitchen. Many opt for take-out the first few nights because moving can seem overwhelming but the sooner you unload your kitchen, the cozier your new home will become.

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