Here at Cactus Land Holdings, we strive for not only quality but efficiency. We know building a new home is very exciting and want to supply you with as much information as possible to smooth out the waiting time.

Many home building facilities can only take a week to complete the home building process, and others can take as little as two days! These turn over times are much quicker than traditional stick-built homes. Not only does a faster turnaround time save you time, but it also saves you so much money.

Manufactured homes can be built in a small amount of time because the entire process is streamlined for efficiency. Many of our materials are already measured, cut, and ready for installation! An excellent example of this are our cabinets, doors, and windows which are already prepped by our trained professionals are ready to go.

What Makes the Construction Time Vary?
Manufactured home construction times can vary based on additional features and the level of customization you choose for your home. When a manufactured home is built with the features that come standard, the build time is faster. The more customization that you add, the longer the construction time will take. In most cases, customizations still won’t take as long as a stick-built house.

Want to know how long or how much your dream customized manufactured home will take? Contact us here to learn more.