It’s not unusual to downsize to a smaller home at one point or another; a smaller home is something that many people look forward to and take advantage of as they get older.

You may be wondering if it’s time for you to start downsizing and start a new chapter in a smaller space. Whether you’re an empty nester looking for fewer maintenance requirements or simply interested in a smaller space, there is one thing that is inevitable: You will have to get rid of some of your stuff. This process can be bittersweet but if you follow these tips, the downsizing process will be significantly easier.

List it or Leave it

The first step to downsizing is to make a list of the things you absolutely need. Items that don’t make the cut shouldn’t come to your new house. Try to do this at least three months prior to the move to ensure you have an ample amount of time to go through your items and think about whether or not you need them.

Sort and Sell

This can be a difficult task, as your items will have different values and varying degrees of wear and tear. Grab three boxes and label them for selling, donating, or throwing out. As you sort through your belongings, you can quickly assign them to the correct box and get rid of them accordingly.

Compare New Rooms with Current Rooms

When determining what furniture pieces will make the move, look at your new floor plan: determine if it’s practical to keep those all sofas, or chairs, or if you should part from your old furniture all together and upgrade with newer pieces.

Downsize the Kitchenware

If you’re an empty nester, there is truly no need for ten mixing bowls and seven spatulas when you move into your new house. Narrow down your bowls, plates, forks, and spoons to reasonable amounts, and use paper kitchenware when hosting in the future.

Target the Garage

Depending on the type of home you’re downsizing to, you may not need a lot of the items in the garage. Determine what tasks will be taken over by someone else when you make the move, and sell any equipment you will no longer need.

Downsizing your home can be an exhilarating task if you make it one. Use these tips to de-clutter and reorganize your belongings as you head into a new chapter in your life. Ready to downsize and move into a space that’s perfect for you? Click here.