Is a manufactured home a good investment?
One common question is whether or not manufactured homes are a good investment. The answer is yes, a manufactured home can be a great investment. Manufactured houses give you the freedom of ownership of the home and land.

Are manufactured homes safe?
Manufactured homes are assembled in a factory with multiple safety requirements before release. Our homes are prepared for any weather in Florida including hurricanes.

Is it cheaper to build a stick built house or a manufactured home?
Factories have built homes to a higher standard than stick built homes. Not only are manufactured homes cheaper to own than site-built homes, but they’re also cheaper to build and maintain.

Are manufactured homes as good as stick built?
Yes, manufactured homes are built using the same high-quality materials as stick built homes. The manufacturing process is highly regulated by the federal government, meaning the home you buy is held to the highest standards of quality during its design and construction.

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