Whether you’re a first time home buyer, purchasing a vacation home, or retirement property, nothing beats owning your own land and building a new manufactured home!

Here are the top 3 reasons to build a manufactured home:

1. More Construction Cost Savings
A manufactured house costs half or even less than half of what it costs to build a traditionally built home. If you’re looking for an affordable home with customizable options on a lot you own, manufactured is for you.

2. Manufactured Homes are Built Faster
From the time you place the order from the time your home is ready to move, it only takes about one to three months on average. A traditionally built home can take anywhere from one year or even longer to build because of materials, weather, and building regulations.

3. Better Quality Assurance
Manufactured homes are built with the same code requirements as most other homes. In many cases, they are even better because the components have to withstand transportation and placement on site. All of our homes are also hurricane resistant and ready for any Florida weather.

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