If you’re a first time home buyer or ready for retirement, a manufactured home is perfect for many reasons. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to build a manufactured home versus living in a rental home or building a traditionally built home, including:

1. Time Savings
From the time the order is placed from when a manufactured home is ready for placement, it averages just one to three months time. A traditional home can take anywhere from six months to even several years to build because of weather, materials, labor, and on-site regulations.

2. Initial Cost Saving
A manufactured home costs 60-70% of the amount it costs to build a traditionally built home. If you’re looking for an affordable option with all the perks of a traditional home, manufactured is for you.

3. Construction Advantages
A manufactured home is built indoors in large buildings, and then each component is tightly sealed before transport. This means no part of the construction of a modular home is subject to bad weather conditions. This is never the case with traditionally built homes and can delay the construction process especially in areas that expect heavy rain like Central Florida.

4. Quality Materials
Manufactured homes are built with the same code requirements as stick-built homes. In many cases, they are even better because the components have to withstand being transported and put into place. All of our homes are also hurricane resistant and ready for any rainy or windy Florida weather.

5. Energy Efficiency
A manufactured home is often built to higher standards in energy efficiency than other homes. There are also energy efficient options you can add on as well that can even further your cost savings.

6. Flexibility
You don’t lose out on flexibility by going manufactured. When you are going through the ordering you can pick out features that are important to you, like extra outlets and upgraded flooring.

7. Customizable Options
A manufactured home is more customizable than a mobile home. There are literally hundreds of options and features to choose from when you build with us.

We strive to make the home building process simple for you. Contact us here to schedule an appointment and start building your new dream home.