There are only two basic and big differences between a modular home and a manufactured home – the building codes that have to be met and how they are transported. In the United States, manufactured homes have to be constructed to the HUD Code. However, modular homes have to meet the state building codes and, typically, can’t be moved out of that state.

Building codes always differ among states – that’s why it is essential to check the codes in Florida if you decide to build a modular home. The HUD Code is the same anywhere in America. However, some manufactured home factories exceed the code which means they build better homes than other factories.

Both a modular and manufactured homes are built in a factory,
which is later then shipped to a dealer in preparation for delivering it to their final destination. Manufactured homes are transported on undercarriages with wheels by a truck. When the home arrives at its permanent site, the wheels are removed and the house is set up.

Both home types are laid on a permanent foundation. A modular home is transported in sections to its destination and then constructed by a builder. Because a crane is used when transporting a modular home, this can add to the price of the house. Should it be necessary to move either type of home again, a professional moving team must do the job.

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