What is a manufactured home?

A manufactured home is built indoors in a factory setting. The finished home is then covered and transported to its new location, where it’s assembled by builders. A manufactured house is not the same as a mobile home; it is directly a house that is built off-site, rather than on-site.

How are manufactured homes different from houses built on-site?

Because manufactured homes are built inside, they can be finished in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months or even years. These homes don’t see any on-site delays caused by Florida weather. Manufactured homes must also follow rules and building codes that often exceed those of on-site built homes.

Do all manufactured homes look similar?

Contrary to popular opinion, manufactured homes do not all look alike. Manufactured homes have no design limitations unlike purchasing an already constructed home. You can create and customize any style of manufactured home with hundreds of options to choose from.

Building a manufactured home means that you can have the house you’ve always wanted with half of the trouble that comes with constructing on-site. For more information about building your perfect home or to schedule an appointment with Cactus Land Holdings in Central Florida click here or call (352) 805-1048.