Building Outdoors
Many homes in the U.S. are built outdoors and onsite. This leaves them open to the suns UV rays, the rain, hurricanes, downpours, the wind, and other elements that damage materials and can create issues for the length of the construction process.

Building Indoors
With modular construction, your home is built indoors and away from the sun’s rays and the rain. It is always perfect weather in the factory. Modular construction works out better because it doesn’t get wet. It doesn’t set for days, weeks, or months exposed to the outdoors.

Because every item is installed in a controlled environment, every process is done correctly and consistently. Window and door installations are sealed properly virtually eliminating leaks which can allow water into interior walls. Condensation and water are detrimental to a new home. Precision and consistency make your home less prone to the deterioration that can start even before a new home is finished when building outdoors.

How to Build Value Before Your Home is Built
With modular construction, your home is built indoors. Which means there is no need to incur the extra costs that good builders do to help protect your home when building outside. By using top of the line building products with indoor construction you get a level of quality that just can’t be done outdoors. Don’t spend money you don’t need to spend. Get the modular advantage and contact us HERE today!