The biggest major difference comes with the actual construction process. When it comes to traditional home construction, all site prep and foundation work must be completed before the actual house can be built. Manufactured construction is very different because the work on the house can take place at the same time as the foundation is being prepared. In many cases, like at Meadows of Astatula, sites are already available for construction, making the home building process even faster.

Since manufactured homes are constructed in a controlled factory environment, there are fewer delays due to weather or insufficient, damaged, or even stolen building materials. Site-built construction can lengthen the process by months or years because not only does weather limit you but so does the amount of sunlight available in a day.

Finally, when a manufactured home gets set on the home’s foundation and your builder connects the utilities and does all of the on-site work necessary, you’re ready to move in! All while the site-built home builders are still waiting for it to stop raining. Manufactured homes in Central Florida are a great option because they’re also hurricane-proof! To get started on your customizing your own modular home click HERE.