Understanding the Difference Between a
Modular Home and a Manufactured Home

At Cactus Land Holding, we work with builders that offer both manufactured and modular homes. Clearly, there are some similarities between these two types of homes in that they are primarily constructed in a factory then transported to the home site and assembled there. However, there are also some key differences that a buyer should understand to make sure they get the home they want.

The manufactured homes we offer at Cactus Land Holding are exclusively multi-section homes where the sections are built in a factory, transported to the home site and assembled on location. This is not the same as a typical mobile home, which is transported on its own wheels. The benefits of a manufactured home include a lower cost to build and the ability to have the house relocated if needed.

Modular homes are also built in “modules” in a factory and assembled on the home site. Other than that, though, they offer similar quality and durability as traditional stick-built or site-built homes. Modular homes are, however, less expensive than site-built homes and can be constructed more quickly.