Hurricanes may not be frequent in Florida but short and heavy rains are frequent over summer. There are strict building codes and federal regulations in place to ensure that modular and manufactured homes are capable of withstanding winds up to 110 mph. We want to ensure your well being and safety, especially during bad weather.

We use only the best modular home builders that use a wide range of construction methods to meet and even frequently exceed this requirement. This includes trusses designed and engineered to provide the highest level of durability and also make sure your home is anchored down solidly not only to meet codes but keep you safe and sound.

No home, even traditional stick-built homes, can be guaranteed to withstand the most powerful hurricanes. Nonetheless, there’s been several advancements in the design and engineering of manufactured homes over the years, as well as improvements in materials and construction techniques, that make modular homes more reliable and stronger than ever before.

Are you considering trading in your older modular home for a safer one? Or maybe build a new one all together on a ready lot? Get in contact with us today to make sure you live in a hurricane ready home.