Manufactured homes take approximately 90 days to build; this is a fraction of the time put into a traditionally made house. So you’re probably asking, what do we do differently? Here are the simple steps it takes to build your new home.

After selecting the house and customized features you want in your dream home, you’ll work with our home consultants to make sure the land is ready for your home to be delivered. Meanwhile, we’ll start production inside one of our climate controlled home building facilities where production time is much faster than building entirely on-site.

Our home consultants at Cactus Land Holdings will handle hiring site preparation and on-site completion of construction crews for you. Overall, you and our home consultant will work together to ensure all requirements are met and have everything go smoothly!

Once you’ve verified everything and construction is good to go you’ll do a walkthrough of the home before it’s delivered. If there are any concerns, your home consultant will work with the home building facility to resolve them quickly.

Once your manufactured home has arrived at the site, the crew will place it on the ground. The house is then anchored with tie downs and securely joined together.

To complete the on-site installation construction process, the crew will:

  • Connect utilities
  • Test hookups
  • Install appliances and home equipment not already installed
  • Complete interior touch-ups
  • Install exterior skirting if you choose to add skirting

Once your on-site construction crew has finished, you will receive the keys to your dream home and your family will be ready to move in! Get in touch with our home building consultants today!